Essay service for Chinese students

Essay service for Chinese students

As you may know, English can be seen as the most confusing international language for those who do not use it as mother tongue. Additionally, Chinese students are no exception. In particular, when dealing with English assignments, they will freak out and try their best to look for help. Fortunately, MAAS Writing Service is willing to assist them in order to get the highest marks. However, we would like to let you know more about how hard English writing for Chinese is.

1. Why Chinese students usually have difficulties in writing in English?

If they want to improve their English writing skills, there is a need for them to understand what they are facing completely.
Both English and Chinese have some distinctions
Absolutely, English being different from Chinese results in several obstacles for people who are required to pass the ESL coures.

  • English significantly emphasises on the structure of sentence, meanwhile, Chinese people concern about the meaning. Particularly, it does not matter if the sentence is too long, as long as the structure is totally proper enough in English. On the contrary, in Chinese, there is a neccessary to break down long sentences into many pieces, thus the point is clearer.
  • Chinese would prefer nouns rather than pronouns. “you,” “us,” “I,” “they,” “which” and “that” are the most common pronouns which are used in long sentences. The purpose of this kind of word is to clarify the meaning as well as prevent from repeating the words. As stated, Chineses prefers using nouns more to make sentences shorter.
    Moreover, English would rather use abstract nouns than concrete ones as in Chinese.
  • Passive voice is commonly used in English, at the meantime, Chinese people would love to use passive voice to express their viewpoints. For instance, people will definitely say or write “This presentation was prepared by Rose”. However, this one will be turned into “Rose prepared this presentation” in Chinese as they want to express their active voice.
  • Last but not least, English pays more attention to the beginning of the sentence, at the same time, Chinese emphasises more on the last one.

There is many differences in the structures of both English and Chinese papers.

To be more specific, the structure of English academic writing includes three main parts, such as introduction, body and conclusion. At the beginning of every single paper, writer always points out the general idea and provides the personal statement as well. In addition, the body can be seen the important place where the writer broadens their poin of views, gives more information in order to help the readers understand. Finally, the ending is in charged of summarizing all main ideas, moreover, the personal statement is stated again to wrap up.
From another point of view, the orders combining the beginning-continuing-turning-conclusion is followed in Chinese writing. Initially, the author starts describing the topic, then will get into detailed knowledge which is related to topic by using supporting ideas. Besides, to jump into another part, the author presents his/her views from distinct aspects, talks about conflicting perspectives and tries to disprove them. In a nut shell, the writer wraps up the whole paper and exposes his/her personal statement.

2. How MAAS Writing Service helps Chinese students?

In order to manipulate all assignments for Chinese students, MAAS Writing Service is needed to apprise of issues they are meeting. MAAS Writing Service guarantees that academic writers can handle the problems owing to their in-depth knowledge and English skills as well. Actually, you can find out more information at MAAS – Essay论文服务 

Subsequently, MAAS Writing Service makes good efforts to give you the best pieces of papers by means of a serious hiring process. With the purpose of giving the most fruitful outcomes, the writers have to come over a diversity of assessment tests. This one will absolutely ensure the quality of papers. Our academic tests are carried out so as to demonstrate the writers’ knowledge completely. The authors of MAAS Writing Service have ability to customized the papers with a bunch of style guides including APA, MLA, Chicago and Havard. Furthermore, it is compulsory for the writers to meet the deadline as well as complete all the requirements of writing papers.

Because of the troubles in relation to language and paper structures, Chinese people are usually seeking for a help to complete assignments in English. Favorably, MAAS Writing Servive will be always there to give you a hand by bringing about professionally written paper. Finally, you can not only get great grades, but also enhance your English as well.

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