Frequently Asked Questions for Writers

How do I work as a writer?

If you are interested in becoming a writer, please sign up as a writer first. After that fill out the form to apply for a writer’s position: describe your educational and professional experience. A request for accreditation will be formed and will be automatically sent to the Administration.

How do I register?

We require high qualifications from our writers. This also means that all your personal details must be authentic: your name, telephone number, degree level, and your date of birth.

How do I upload the assignment?

Just go to the order page and click on the “Attach File” button located below the assignment specification.

What can I do to get more assignment?

Depending on your writing ability and the speed of your work

What is my employment status if I join you?

Can I ask friends to apply to work with you?

Yes. You will be rewarded.

When do I have to submit the order?

Relying on the deadline.

I am qualified up to a PhD level, will I immediately get access to high level work?

No, Your starting level depends on the result of your test

How do I get paid? Monthly bank transfer

How often do I get work? Depend on you availability

What level of quality do you expect? High quality

Who owns the work I produce? As long as it satisfies the customer’s order.

If I am accepted, how long does it take to get on your books and get work? 

As soon as your contact signed and document submitted successfully, You can start immediately

How do I apply for this job?

In order to apply to become one of freelance writers, you must complete an application via website. Upon submission, your application will be accepted and if it meets our criteria, you will be accepted onto the system. Upon acceptance, you will be first allocated a paid test brief to access your written abilities, and then you will be approved for us to source work from real customers on your behalf. Please click here to start the application process.



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